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Futures will be graded at the end of the regular season. It is the responsibility of the client to verify that such details are accurate before placing their bets. 6- No special Teasers accepted during the NFL or NBA preseason.

Wager on the game on the first half will have included the points scored in the first and second quarters only. We have backup carriers that allow us to re-route traffic through the west coast, however the internet performance may be affected. For all «Who will score more goals» matchups, both players must play in the first game of their respective team for bets to have action. If the venue or playing surface for a match is changed, the betting odds for match bets will be adjusted.

1. If a game is suspended before the completion of 55 minutes and not resumed the same day, all bets will be considered NO ACTION.

2. The respecting payouts will be given until the conclusion of the specified season.

EXTRA innings count towards these wagers. The team wagered on must win the league or tournament for payout to be effective. Only Yellow cards shown during regulation time, or any time the referee adds to compensate for injuries and other stoppages, are included.

Wager on the game on the second half will have included the points scored in the third and fourth quarter plus the overtime. Puck line: The point spread for this line will always be a difference of 1. Such wagers will be cancelled and the monies refunded. Players to be sent off over the entire tournament for Red and Yellow cards: Please note that unlike individual game rules, if a player receives a yellow or red card after the final whistle of regulation, these cards will count toward proposition for entire tournament total.

These wagers are graded at the end of the 5th inning, since the bet only covers the 1st 5 innings of the game. For proposition wagers on which team will score first, only goals in regulation time or any added injury time will count. You can box as few as three or as many as the field.

Wager on a basketball game by using spreads, money lines and game totals.

For grading purposes, all games must go 8. For grading purposes, when placing a Live Soccer Asian Handicap wager, the handicap and price displayed are for the match from the point the wager is accepted. Highest scoring Quarter and team with highest scoring Quarter exclude overtime. What Is the Danger Zone System?

All future bets are action, listed pitchers do not count. Corner Kick Proposition: For grading purposes, Corner Kicks which happen in periods of extra time are not included. Wagers made on a team winning a specific cup or trophy will have action through Extra Time and Penalty Kicks.

If the wager is rejected, the wager is displayed on the Rejected Wager report. Red and Yellow cards received during extra time or during penalty shoot-outs also will count toward the entire tournament total. The goals scored in overtime or shoot out do NOT count on RT wagers.

American and National League Pennant winners will be determined by the team that represents each league in the World Series.

Wagers on the first half of a soccer match include 45 minutes of play plus any injury time added by the referee at the end of the first half. The game must go 55 minutes to have action, overtime counts towards wager, plus one goal to the winner of the shootout if is happens. If one of the original pitchers does not start, the price on your play will be automatically re-adjusted based on the new line, which may affect payout but never affects risk. If match does not go full time, then all wagers on this proposition will be refunded.

Four and five round golf events must go a minimum of 54 holes and three round golf events must go a minimum of 36 holes for tournament match-ups and futures to have action. 5 innings and be played to completion within 7 days of their start time for wagers to have action.

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